Human Rights Applications

If you are living in the UK without permission to stay here and/or you are facing removal from the UK it is important to get an advice about your options as soon as possible. If you have strong family or other connections to this country, you may be able to demonstrate that your removal from the UK would be in breach of your Human Rights. A successful Human Rights claim would result in you being given permission to remain in the UK lawfully; the right to work and move forward with you and your family life if you have a family life in the UK.

Most Human Rights claims are argued under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is the right to enjoy your private and family life. If you have a partner and/or children who live lawfully in the UK or if you and your family have lived together in the country for many years, your case may come within Article 8. However, this right is what is called a balanced right. This means that you not only need to show that you have such connections, but that the connections are sufficiently strong to outweigh the right of the UK Government to remove you from the country as a person who does not have regularised status. Providing the right information and evidence is therefore essential to support your claim.

How we can help you

UK immigration laws can be quite complex in nature, and subject to changes, but it is our responsibility to ensure you get the most professional and correct legal advice to support your application. We can help you to understand and collate the relevant paperwork required to support your case and will review your case in detail so that we can pre-empt any potential problems before they happen.

How Can We Help

UK immigration laws are complex in nature, but it is our duty and responsibility to ensure our clients get the most professional and correct legal advice in their applications. We can help you to understand what documents required to support your case and will assess your case in detail so that we can possibly avoid any potential problems before they taking place.

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  • An efficient and effective assessment of the merits.
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  • We have a very high success rate in the UK immigration applications with over 20 years of practise in immigration field.
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